Monday, August 29, 2016

20-Year Old Suffers Electric Shock From Abandoned Pole In Ogun

A 20-year-old apprentice, Rasaq Animasaun, is in coma at a hospital after suffering from electric shock. Mr. Animasaun unintentionally stepped on a fallen and abandoned electric pole in Ifo town of Ogun State yesterday.

He lost consciousness after the electric shock, a witness said. He was subsequently rushed to the General Hospital in Ifo.

Residents of the area blamed the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, IBEDC, for not attending to the fallen pole.

“This so-called electricity company are aware of the danger associated with such development yet they feign ignorance,” Adedayo Kolawole, a resident, said. ” If they want to distribute bills and collect money, nobody will ever remind them.”

Another resident, Shehu Aina, said an official complaint had been made to the electricity company without any response.

Mr. Aina suggested that the residents sue the company.


  1. The only time ibedc responds quickly to anything in life is when they want to distribute bills for light not consumed and when they want to collect Rodger

  2. IBEDC should be held responsible

  3. It's true that they should be sued