Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Man Who Livestreamed Himself R*ping Dogs In China Beaten To Pulp By Animal Rights Activists (Photos)

A Man who allegedly livestreamed himself raping dogs has been stripped and beaten by an angry mob of animal rights activists.

The unnamed man reportedly beat the poor canines into submission before having sex with them, while broadcasting the abusive content live to thousands of viewers.

Dog lovers first noticed the horrific streams three weeks ago and traced the man to the township of Shiling in Chengdu, China.

The alleged abuser was then lured to a ‘meet up’ by cunning animal fanatics who posed as fans.

The man was then attacked by dozens of activists who had set a trap in a rented room.

He was stripped of all his clothing and beaten for several minutes.

Viral footage of the incident shows the man sprawled completely naked in the street as the mob surrounds him carrying a banner asking for laws against the abuse of so-called ‘small animals’.

The beating was eventually stopped by local residents who called the police before the man was taken to hospital where he is recovering.

According to reports, the alleged dog rapist cannot be charged for abusing the animals, which were all strays, and can only be criticised from a moral standpoint for his actions.

However, authorities are investigating him for the disgusting content he streamed online.

Police are also investigating the actions of the angry mob although no arrests have been made.