Thursday, August 25, 2016

Moment 10-Year Old Girl Is Pulled Alive From Rubble Of Italy's Earthquake After Being Trapped For 17 Hours

This is the moment a little girl was pulled alive from the rubble of the apocalyptic Italian earthquake.

The 6.2 magnitude quake which struck early on Wednesday morning has claimed the lives of at least 159 people.

The 10-year-old girl was rescued after spending 17 hours buried under rubble in the devastated town of Pescara del Tronto.

The incredible moment was caught on camera as one rescuer is heard saying: "You can hear something under here. Quiet, quiet."

Another rescuer shouts into the darkness: "Come on, Giulia, come on, Giulia. ... Watch your head."

The gathered crowd erupted into cheers as the child was pulled from the debris, covered in dust and shocked but, astonishingly, not obviously injured.

The rescue was a brief moment of joy during the horror of the devastating quake in the Apennine region of Italy.