Friday, August 5, 2016

New Boko Haram Leader Accuses Shekau Of Corruption, Unjustifiable Killing Of Muslims

New Boko Haram leader, Musab Al-Barnawi, today released a long audio tape in which he accused Shekau of massive corruption and unjustifiable killings of Muslims.

Al-Barnawi, who claimed to be a founding member of the bloody group, alleged that Shekau favoured only himself and his family.

He lamented that Shekau had been busy killing Muslims instead of seeking ways to attack churches and security formations.

He accused Shekau of abandoning the path set by the group’s founder, Mohammed Yusuf. Continue...

Al-Barnawi’S audio tape reads in part, “[Shekau] was boasting that if we attempt to escape from his empire, his men will kill us. He is a liar.

“I am not the only one that left, but eight of us left, all kitchen cabinet members. And right now two other top members are on the way to join us.

“We are all here. The issue of Islam is not personal, there is no sentiment in Islam, and that is why we are here.

“Nobody can dare us or stop us from it, no matter how he brags. Here we are on our own. Can’t you see how we left your empire?

“We left women and everything and just left with guns on our shoulders. We would have crushed anyone that stood on our way.

“We said we would not touch anyone but just go on our way to our religion. We will fight for the cause of Allah and work against personalising Jihad and against unjustifiable killings and shedding of blood.

“We are out because you came out with your own cassette. We want our people to know proper Islam because Allah in the Quran forbids killings without justification.

“Just like Allah gave us power to kill infidels, there are those he said we shouldn’t kill without reason.

“In the Quran, Allah forbade Muslims from killing one another…and he also taught against killing in secret. If it is serious punishment, it must be public for people to know and witness it.

“But once you see killings in secret, there is something fishy and this is what we noticed with Shekau. What he is doing is not Islam.

“He said we should follow him and we agreed, but we later realized it is another thing and we said no. We have to stick to the Quran and what Allah said, not [follow] someone’s waywardness.

“We have vowed to say the truth. If we will be killed, let us be killed. If we will be eaten, let us be eaten up and if we will be roasted, let us be roasted.

“We will not leave our fellow brothers in the dark; this message of mine will get to Sambisa Forest. It will get into Shekau’s house. We have agents that will convey the message no matter how he dislikes it.

“Almighty Allah is against killings of Muslims. Allah is saying better heaven and earth fall than innocent soul of a Muslim, but you have Shekau who likes killing our own people.

“He is always boasting that he will kill, he will kill. Okay, continue to kill, you will also be killed. Who will dwell here forever? Everybody will die. You will also die some day.

“And there is no one that will die without reaching his day of death. You can see we are here alive, all of us here sitting. Anyone that Allah did not kill you cannot kill him. The same way, you cannot stop anyone Allah willed his death.

“That is why when someone boasts to kill a man, the man asks him, ‘Why are you in a haste?’ The man says, ‘If my time has come, you will not stop me from going.’ There are several verses that forbid killing of a fellow Muslim unjustifiably.

“Our vow that we will practice Islam is real. That is why we left our parents, homes, our cars and everything and came to this forest. How can we then agree to see you bringing strange ideologies?

“In one of our Shura meetings, someone asked Shekau how he felt about Muslims running away from their own land to the land of the infidels for their own safety.

“Shekau said [the Muslims] are also infidels and should be killed like the infidels. These people are not infidels, they are Muslims running for their lives, and he insisted that they are infidels and should be killed.

“Shekau is ignorant of the fact that it is forbidden for a Muslim to be killed after being chased out of Islamic Caliphate to a strange land and [when the Muslim] has not taken part in any conspiracy against Muslims.

“[Shekau] is ignorant and needs to be taught the rudiments of Islam. Islam is not his creation. Only Allah defines who is a Muslim and who is an infidel.