Saturday, August 20, 2016

Oscar Pistorius Had A Jail Meltdown On Reeva Steenkamp's Birthday- Report

Oscar Pistorius had a jail meltdown on the day of murdered girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s 33rd birthday. The Blade Runner ­Paralympian gold medallist spent Friday banging his head against his cell wall and howling.

Sources said 29-year-old Pistorius was stricken with remorse for shooting Reeva three years ago.

One said: “Somehow it unleashed even more pain and emotion in him. Oscar was hysterical.

“Reeva would have been 33 and it triggered all the images, memories and horrific moments when he shot her.

“I believe he asked to have candles to light for her birthday but of course he was refused.

“He has refused food and is refusing to do anything.”

Pistorius was later seen by a counsellor and medics.

He is serving a six-year sentence for murder but this Friday prosecutors will argue at a court in Pretoria, South Africa, that he should be jailed for longer.


  1. He is looking for everyway to reduce his sentence. Selfish man

  2. Sade Black you are indeed an epitome of ignorance and may God touch your soul. If yeah is innocent cast the first stone. The internet has made a whole lot of us selfish, mean and heartless, we all hide behind our double barreled mask by being faceless to judge others without bating an eyelid. Sometimes its better not to judge. Do we know what truly happened that day? Do we have the right to judge him or the parties involved? aren't we all selfish individuals existing in this bitter filled world. Guard your mouth my dear for life is unpredictable, least the tables turn on you. We all should learn to be sesitive to the feelings and emotions of others, it certainly would make our world a better place. A word is enough for the wise