Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pest Controller Almost Strangled To Death By Python While Filming TV Show

This is the moment a pest controller almost got strangled by a Python while filming a reality TV show in Australia.

Craig Freeman, from Birmingham, was throttled by the ten-foot beast while he shooting for the series Deadliest Pests Down Under. His face goes bright red as the Brummie is slowly strangled by the snake in the frightening footage.

Yet the desperate dad managed to slither free in astonishing scenes caught on camera.

Craig, who runs the company Stop That Pest, was selected last year along with eight other Brits to experience pest control, Aussie style.

“When I saw the snake I told them they were having a laugh,” Craig told the Birmingham Mail.

“The snake’s head was bigger than my hand.

“The camera man had to rest the camera on his knee because he was bent over double laughing so much.

“I didn’t want to do it, and I just went to pieces.

“I kept thinking of myself on the news, getting strangled by a python on TV.“But I thought to myself that I can’t let the Brummies down back home.

“I went to grab it and it went for me. It throttled me,” he said.