Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Photo: Passenger Gives Birth To Baby On Board

A plane passenger cradled her newborn baby in her arms after she prematurely gave birth at 30,000 feet. The seven-months pregnant Filipino woman, who has not been identified, went into labour unexpectedly a few hours after take-off on Sunday morning.

Flustered flight attendants sprang into action and moved her to the front of the plane where there was more leg room.

Two off-duty nurses on board the nine-hour flight from Dubai to the Philippines, also raced over to help. The healthy baby girl, who has since been named Haven, was delivered in just one hour amid cheers from fellow passengers.


  1. Thank goodness, but it's risky for heavily pregnant women to fly

  2. Lucky baby. Can be a citizen of any country within that hemisphere since she was born in the air!

  3. Ladun abeg tell us anoda story