Saturday, August 27, 2016

Photos: Baby Born With Half His Skull Missing Celebrates 2nd Birthday

A Boy born with half his skull missing is celebrating his second birthday today, despite his parents being told to abort him.

Jaxon Buell won the hearts of thousands across the world after his story was shared last year. The two-year-old suffers from a rare brain malfunction called Microhydranencephaly.

Doctors picked it up on an ultrasound before he was born and advised mum Brittany and dad Brandon to consider terminating the pregnancy.

But thankfully, they decided against it and now the brave lad, who’s earned the nickname Jax Strong, is thriving against all the odds.

Brandon, 31, told “He is doing very well, he is very comfortable and very happy.

“He’s smiling all the time, he laughs, he’s working on different things, like how to keep his head upright.

“He still has his struggles where he throws up, he still has several seizures several times a day, he’s still on the smaller side at 13 pounds but he’s certainly developing.”

Jaxon has a staggering following of almost 400,000 on Facebook and even has his own website.

Speaking about Jaxon’s mum Brittany, Brandon said: “She’s been amazing. She has so much love and patience in working with him on a daily basis.

“That’s truly one of the reasons why he is the way that he is because of the one on one interaction that she gives him as his mother. It’s made such a big difference in his life.

The couple, devout Christians from Florida, believe their strong faith has fuelled their hope for their son.

Brandon explained: “It has been the rock for our family helping us to celebrate every single day with Jaxon, whatever that day is, whether it’s a hard day or easy day for him.

“We certainly believe that he was created with a true path and a true purpose, to just be a light in this world.”


  1. Thank God for his live

  2. Happy birthday to him, you shall fulfill your purpose in life by God's grace.