Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Photos: John Kerry Visits Sultan Of Sokoto As Fani Kayode ‘Blasts’ Him, Declares Support For Trump

The U.S. Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry is in Nigeria and currently visiting the Sultan of Sokoto. According to Channelstv.com, Kerry said the fight against corruption has to be a global security of the first order In order to bring to an end violent extremism in the world.

Delivering a speech on Resilient Communities and Religious Tolerance in Countering Violent Extremism, Mr. Kerry said extremists do not only kill people but also turn the most vulnerable among the society into killers.

He told northern religious leaders, tertiary and secondary school students that terrorism can be eliminated if the society put hands together. He maintained that Nigerians must do more than just denounce Boko Haram, adding that they also must act right from the grassroots level.

According Mr. Kerry, youths join terrorist organizations because they cannot find meaning or opportunities in their daily lives, thereby believing Boko Haram will give them a sense of identity.

Other issues identified by Secretary Kerry as major factors leading to terrorism and violent extremism include poverty, integrity and bad governance among others, channelstv.com reports.

Kerry also took to his twitter page to say he was honoured to be hosted by Sultan.

While a former Minister in the country, Fani Kayode says he listened to the speech rendered by Kerry to the Sultan and it's somehow disappointing. He said;
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