Friday, August 26, 2016

Photos: Moment Mum Is Caught Beating Her Baby After Suspicious Husband Installs CCTV In Their Home

A Dad who suspected his wife of beating their son was horrified when CCTV caught her shaking and smacking the toddler.

The worried husband had installed the security cameras in their home after growing suspicious of his partner’s behaviour towards their child.

Sadly the dad was proven right.

Shocking footage shows the mum, from India, shaking and smacking the tot as they sit on a bed. She appears to be playing with him at first but quickly pushes him forcefully down on his front and slaps his back repeatedly.

She raises her hands high in the air before bringing them back down on his tiny body only pausing to adjust her bracelets.

The vile mum then proceeds to vigorously shake the boy – even grabbing him aggressively by the neck.

The boy remains motionless through the horrific ordeal suggesting he may be used to the abuse.

The man said: “I suspected that my wife beats our son, hence got a CCTV camera installed [in the house].”

The man, who has not been identified, has now alerted authorities.