Sunday, August 28, 2016

Photos: Moment Nice Terror Victim Meets Hero Who Saved Her

A woman who was left bleeding in the street with a crushed skull after being mown down by an ISIS maniac in the Nice terror attack has finally met the mystery man she credits with saving her life.

Adelaide Stratton, 22, was one of hundreds injured during the Bastille Day massacre when a twisted Islamist fanatic used a massive lorry to smash into revellers - killing 86.

But it was the kindness of a stranger who saved the Australian woman's life, after he sat and held her hand and even travelled in the ambulance with her.

A heartwarming video tells Adelaide's story as she recovers from her severe injuries and meets French citizen, Patrick Sergent, who found her on the ground on July 16.

In the footage it is revealed that as the young woman stepped off of a bus to join the Bastille Day celebrations with friend Marcus Anderson, the pair were struck by a truck.

Appearing on Australia's Sunday Night Show , Adelaide states how she remembers regaining consciousness and seeing Patrick - "the man with long hair".

Adelaide said: "I was lying on the ground in pain with what I knew was blood dripping down my face. I didn't know where my friends were.

"I knew he couldn't speak English, because he wasn't telling me what was going on. He was just looking at me and squeezing my hand. He made sure I always had his face to look at."

According to Mamma Mia, the pair were reunited on Sunday during the show.

Adelaide said: "How do you thank someone who saved your life? ... He is the bravest man I've ever met. What kind of person does that?"