Monday, August 8, 2016

Pictured! 2nd Olympic Boxer Arrested On Suspicion Of Attempted Rape

A second Olympic boxer has been arrested on suspicion of attempted rape.

Namibian flag-bearer Jonas Junias Jonas, 22, is accused of trying to force a kiss upon a woman at the athletes’ village and offering her money in exchange for s3x.

Jonas is being held at Recreio police station and instead of competing on Thursday of this week against the French boxer Hassan Anzill he now faces being locked up in the high security Bangu prison.

According to The Sun, Detective Rodrigo Amorim said: “I can confirm that a Namibian athlete named Jonas Junias Jonas was arrested this morning on suspicion of attempted rape of a female in the Olympic Village.

“The accused has been detained in Recreio police station and unless he gets habeas corpus he will be transferred to prison in Bangu later today.”