Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Playboy Mansion Owner Finally Gets A Buyer For His House + He Gets To Live There Till He Dies

The Playboy Mansion has officially been sold for $100million and the buyer has agreed that former owner and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner can live there until he dies.

The Holmby Hills estate - owned by Playboy Enterprises - was bought by Daren Metropoulos, who lives next door to the property.

Hefner, 90, had put the estate on the market for $200 million - twice the final sale price.

Daren, whose father is billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos, bought the home next door to the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles for $18 million in 2009.

He said Hefner's home had a "rich and storied legacy" and is a "masterpiece in design."