Sunday, August 21, 2016

AIG Requests Case File Of Man Who Named Dog Buhari

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police for the Zone II Command Headquarters in Lagos, Abdulmajid Ali, on Saturday said the case files of a man alleged to have named his dog ‘Buhari’ should be transferred to his desk with immediate effect.

“For now, the AIG Zone II has called for a meeting that we want to call the parties involved in the matter to see how the matter could be resolved,” Ogun State police spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi, told Premium Times.

Joe Chinakwe, 30, was arrested and confined to a police cell in Sango Otta, Ogun State, for three days last week after a neighbour complained that he named his dog ‘Buhari.’

The neighbour, who police identified as Halilu Umar from Sokoto State, reportedly told the police that Mr. Chinakwe’s decision was aimed at spiting and ridiculing his father who also happened to be named ‘Alhaji Buhari.’

Mr. Chinakwe, a trader, was immediately arrested and detained for three days without bail, the Vanguard reported. The paper quoted police sources as saying that Mr. Chinakwe’s action was “very provocative” and capable of stocking ethno-religious tensions in the country, allegations Mr. Chinakwe reportedly denied.

Mr. Chinakwe said he named his dog ‘Buhari’ out of personal affection he had for President Muhammadu Buhari.

After a brief freedom he was granted by the police, Mr. Chinakwe was again rearrested on Friday.

Police said they rearrested Mr. Chinakwe ahead of his arraignment before a Magistrate’s Court on Monday as well as to guarantee his safety, having been allegedly threatened by neighbours.

Mr. Oyeyemi said since Mr. Ali had expressed his interest in the case and wanted to broker a peace amongst the parties involved, Mr. Chinakwe might not be charged to court again on Monday.

“The matter may likely not go to court again on Monday,” Mr. Oyeyemi said.


  1. He should be released. He commited no offence

    1. The thing tire me oooo! Only in Nigeria can this injustice happen.

  2. What do you mean that he did not commit any offence - stoking d flame on religious violence subtly. Can he do DAT on d north and not be severely dealt with? Y didn't he name his dog after his own father or mother or even one of his children? Pls let us all apply wisdom in handling sensitive issues especially tribal, ethnic and religious ones

    1. Is he from the north? No be only sentive issue

    2. Tell people of your religion to be tolerant. It is his dog. Dogs are pets. You name your child whatever you want. May God deliver you from foolishness. Will U.K arrest someone for calling a dog Queen Elizabeth or U.S arrest someone for naming a dog Barack? Instead of talking to your people who are mad because of their religion, you are spewing rubbish. -newyorker

  3. Some overzealous policemen out to impress Buhari on a task he didn't send them. Rubbish. Release the man jare. Even if he named his dog because he does 5 like Buhari that is not a crime