Monday, August 8, 2016

Human Ken Doll Vows Never To Go Under The Knife Again After His Last Nose Job Left Him With A Flesh-Eating Bug

Plastic surgery addict Rodrigo Alves has made a name for himself thanks to his obsession with plastic surgery in his search for perfection.

Now, the human Ken doll has said after his last nose job left him with a flesh-eating bug that nearly destroyed his face, he'll never go under the knife again.

However, because he still wants to look good, he'll not stop having beauty treatments, and will continue to use non-invasive procedures. Lol continue....

Recently he’s had stem cells injected into his blood and had the latest Lipoglaze Fat Freezing Treatment which was filmed for his new Channel 5 TV show.

Speaking for the first time since the seventh operation on his nose to repair the damage Rodrigo says he's been warned by doctors of the risks of putting his body through any further trauma of cosmetic surgery.

And he’s had to insure his body for £1million just in case anything else goes wrong with the other cosmetic surgery he’s had in the past.

Rodrigo, 33, was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil but is now a British citizen living in London. He's had 43 cosmetic surgery procedures since 2004 and has spent over £350K on his body.

He was forced to pay £40,000 in emergency treatment in Spain after doctors warned an infection might eat through his nose and into his face after having a nose job, and recently he’s had his nose repaired with a seventh plastic surgery operation in Berlin.


  1. Lol, now this is funny. He is truly addicted to surgery.

  2. MFM has a job to do here. Night vigil plus mounting top cabashing. Idiot!