Friday, August 19, 2016

Rio: Team Nigeria's Kits Arrive 3 Days To End Of Olympics

Three days to the end of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Team Nigeria took delivery of the much awaited kits after most of the athletes had concluded their events with some already back to their bases.

A top official of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria who disclosed this to Sports Vanguard yesterday, said the kits which arrived Wednesday night would no longer serve any purpose because “most of the athletes have left after concluding their events”.

“I have never experienced this in my years in sports. Money meant for the Games was held tightly by ministry officials and they were just releasing money piecemeal. We had to buy kits on our own while some athletes competed in their personal kits.”

It would be recalled that Team Nigeria had to resort to their warm-up track suits for the match past of the Opening Ceremony as the sports ministry claimed the official attire which was showcased before President Muhammadu Buhari during the hand-over ceremony in Abuja failed to arrive on time for the ceremony.


  1. Why this athlete still bother to still represent Nigeria is beyond me after they face ridicule before their peers year after year. The bloody ministry sharing the money that is meant for them. The disgrace and insults just have to stop. The authority will not support them to prepare and they expect medals, fools.

  2. Efcc will charge them to court, hahaha .bad government