Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nigerian Mom Whose Son Was Murdered In The Street Of London Begs Witnesses To Come Forward

The mum of Andre Aderemi has begged for any witnesses to her son's fatal stabbing in Selsdon to come forward so the family can get "closure" on the tragic incident.

Heartbroken Yemi Hughes said she had dropped off her son just 10 minutes before he was attacked in Monks Hill last Tuesday.

This was the last time she would see her 19-year-old son before she received a call telling her he was screaming for her.

Police, paramedics and residents tried to save Mr Aderemi in Heather Way however he died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

One week on, officers will revisit the scene at 5pm in a bid to find more witnesses.

Ms Hughes said in a moving statement today: "On Tuesday, August 16 around 7:30pm I dropped my son Andre Aderemi to his friend's house on the Monks Hill estate. I never thought this would be the last time that I saw him.

"By 7:40pm he had been brutally stabbed to death. I received a call to beg me to come as he was screaming for me but by the time I arrived the paramedics were fighting to save his life.

"I never got to see him alive again, to tell him how much I love him, to see his infectious smile, to cradle my baby in my arms and tell him that I would fix and make everything better.

"I am begging for witnesses to come forward and give their accounts so that myself and Andre's little brothers can get some closure and justice for my son's murder.

"Nobody should die the way that he did and I am devastated not only by the loss of Andre but also by the manner in which he died.

"Our lives will never be the same again so please if you know anything, no matter how small you think it is, can you pass it onto police."

Three 19-year-olds will stand trial at the Old Bailey in February charged with his murder.


  1. God will give her the fortitude to bear the loss

  2. I pray the family gets justice... It's so sad! No one deserves to bury their children, it's heartbreaking!!!

  3. Train a child in the path he will tread and he will never stray from it, it's obvious he was gang killed because he's one of them. No to cultism
    Parents beware