Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Smart Learning: Parent Testify To Child's Educational Improvement

Parent: My child goes to a top class school in Lagos.
Parent: The little boy can't write.

Smart: We will begin with a test to view the boy's performance.
Smart: Test revealed that the boy can't write (32%).
Smart: We would guarantee you improvement within two weeks.

Parent: Two weeks, won't you need more time?
Parent: With the average fee you are charging, can you deliver? Continue...

Smart: Smiles, it's our job and we know what to do.
Smart: We will deliver by God's grace.

(Phone call)

Parent: In just two weeks like you said my boy can write.
Parent: When i was shown what he wrote i asked him to write it again and he did.
Parent: Am really glad... prayers...

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