Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tanzania President To Buy Disabled Man A Tricycle From His Salary & He Announced It In A News Broadcast

Tanzanian's president has offered to buy a disabled man a motorised tricycle after seeing him in a news report ingenuously using a bicycle to move around.

In statement read out during a news broadcast, John Magufuli said that he will use money from his salary to buy the tricycle and hand it over in a week.

Mr Magufuli, nicknamed the "bulldozer", has been known to make populist pronouncements since he came to office in November.


  1. I really don't respect their President. He is like our Fayose. Are there no more serious issues in Tanzania than a man on a tricycle. The man likes to showoff and fight corruption but I have not seen any substance from him since he took office. -Newyorker

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  3. Nonsense, he should have gone to CNN, after choping the money