Saturday, August 27, 2016

Texas Man Beheads Wife Hours After Police Officers Visited The Couple For A Welfare Check

A Texas man has been accused of beheading his wife just hours after police officers visited the couple for a welfare check.

Bellmead police Sgt. Kory Martin says officers visited 23-year-old Davie Dauzat and his 21-year-old wife, Natasha, on Thursday at their mobile home in Bellmead, 80 miles from Dallas, after a relative called police. Officers found no trouble and left.

Yet just two hours later, a relative called police once again to say Dauzat had killed his wife. Police returned and found Natasha Dauzat had been decapitated and her head had been placed in the freezer.

A hostage negotiator made contact with Davie Dauzat, who came out of the home covered in blood, police said.

The couple's two toddlers were home, but not hurt.

A source close to the investigation said Natasha had been stabbed before she was decapitated.

'He was still inside with the children at one point, said Sgt. Kory Martin, spokesman for Bellmead Police.

'We had a hostage negotiator who made contact with him and as soon as we made contact with him, asked him to come outside, he voluntarily came outside and we were able to get him into custody and we quickly had units run inside that home and secure those children and the crime scene.'

The Facebook page of Natasha Tagliarino Dauzat recently stated 'I'm the happiest girl ever with an amazing Husband and kids and I love them'.