Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Usain Bolt's Former Flame Speaks On His Threesome Demand & High S3x Drive

Abeg o, make them leave this guy now, lol. They are even making some people who don't like him beofre to like him now, lool. One of Usain Bolt's former flames has dished the details on their relationship, revealing he once suggested they have a threesome - which she declined.

American model Nailah Dillard met the Olympic sprinter at an athletics gala in late 2013 and enjoyed a casual relationship with the 30-year-old for the next few years.

Nailah, 27, says she had no idea he was in a relationship with his 'First Lady' Kasi Bennett, until she read one of his interviews.

Speaking about his well-publicised wild celebrations since returning from Rio, she said: "I guess he thinks that’s what he deserves right now because he’s the fastest man in the world.” The model added to The Sun : “You are sleeping with all these random women. I hope you’re protecting yourself.”

Nailah also spoke about their first meeting, saying he asked her to join him and his date who was there with him at the gala, but she refused.

“I thought it was an odd and cheeky thing to ask," she added to the newspaper.

The aspiring actress also revealed that a few weeks after they met he took her to a strip club as well as enjoying a number of other boozy nights out.

She said: “We liked each other. We were attracted to each other. He has a high sex drive. I was the first American girl that he ever dated.”

Nailah says Usain isn't monogamous and believes she was with him when he was also with his current girlfriend.