Saturday, August 13, 2016

We Never Knew Things Were This Bad For Nigeria When We Were Campaigning- Oyegun

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, John Oyegun has said his party never knew things were this bad with Nigeria when they were campaigning.

Oyegun said this at a surprise 77th birthday party held for him by staff of the APC National Secretariat yesterday in Abuja.

“It has been tough times for the nation. When we were campaigning and it is necessary to continue to hammer on this part, we were not in government. We knew things were very bad, but we did not know they were as bad as we eventually found them and the revelations that come out everyday continue to buttress that fact. Continue...

“Nobody ever expected the price of crude to collapse in the way it has done and one can only repeat what Mr. President said a few days ago.

“That is for being a nation that had an excess crude account, today because of the collapse of the price of crude, a lot of states of this country do not have enough resources to meet their basic functions, responsibilities.”

“That we would never again depend on a single crop whether it is oil, whether it is solid minerals, whether it is agriculture.

“The president is laying a single foundation, very solid foundation, for the take-off of this nation such that all the resources that God has endowed this nation with, whether it is in solid minerals that it is plentiful, whether it is in agriculture, we can grow virtually anything in this nation of ours we have been blessed with rich soil.


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