Saturday, August 13, 2016

Webcam Girl Claims Stripping Off For Men Helped Her Overcome Anorexia

A webcam girl who strips off for online punters eight hours a day claims the career helped her overcome anorexia.

Standing at 5ft 3ins Jayme Jones went from 11-stone to just seven during her year-long battle with the eating disorder. Such was the severity of her eating habits that she survived on fewer than 200 calories a day by eating just one tomato and tissue paper to fill her stomach.

But in June 2015 she decided to try something new after struggling to pay her bills on a measly salary as a salesperson in a phone shop.

With friends who had contacts in the adult webcam industry, Jayme bought a HD camera and set up a studio in her spare room.

Since ditching a 9-5 job, Jayme, from London now earns around £52,000 a year and is constantly showered with gifts of shoes and clothes. Better yet, the new role has given her body confidence and helped her battle anorexia.

She gained back three stone over two years and now weighs a healthy 11st 4Ibs and wears a dress size 8-10. Jayme said: “Being a cam girl has helped me find my body confidence and overcome my eating disorder.

“Online I get showered in compliments, but in your day to day life that would never happen.”

Jayme, who says her boyfriend and parents support her career choice, said: “When I was anorexic I wanted to be a model, I was eating tissue paper, because it swells in your stomach and curbs your appetite.

“But since camming, I don’t mind extra weight. I feel sexy


  1. Good for her. I hope she changes for the best

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