Monday, August 15, 2016

Rapper Yung6ix Mocks DAD Online

Lol, this is weird! Would have said you go Yung6ix, but i have come to realise God hates it when we disrespect our parents irrespective of what they have done. Honestly he does hate and frowns at it. So stop it Yung6ix. Lol.

The rapper who claims his dad left him at just 17 and said he was going to suffer if he followed his mom has now come out openly to talk about the suffering he is presently passing through- SUCCESS. His tweet below...


  1. Your success will be permanent

  2. Still yet, you don't mock your father on social media

  3. shoutout to single mothers

  4. Uselss father. As if he is God. Shame on him. Ladun pz allow d boy to xpress himself jor. D bible also has a message for worthless fathers.