Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wife Of Herbalist Among Those Buried in Shallow Grave

There were indications, yesterday, that one of the wives of Emmanuel Adeyemi, the herbalist who was arrested following the discovery of 28 chained persons in his Oke-Ira Ogba Lagos home, was among those buried in shallow graves discovered in his house.

This is just as relatives of some of the rescued victims have reported at the centre where they are kept, to identify their own.

Information at Vanguard’s disposal revealed that the suspect’s first wife died about four years ago from an undisclosed ailment.

Meanwhile, residents of Oke-Ira have expressed fear over the health hazards of the shallow graves, calling on the government to intervene.

A professor of Virology, Oyewale Tomori, said, yesterday, that improperly disposed dead bodies, particularly people who died of highly infectious diseases, could lead to serious health problems.

Professor Tomori, who is also the President of the Nigeria Academy of Science, NAS, and and Chairman, Lassa Fever Committee, said depending on the cause of death, people around could only be at risk when bodies in the shallow graves are exposed by scavenging dogs or washed out by heavy rains.



  1. Relevant agencies should swing into action

  2. He buried his dead wife means what? This is also shallow journalism. The journalists even are pro-voodoo money 💵 ritual centric...hence their nonsense reporting that make no sense or justification.

    1. You can't just publish anything without proper investigation. It's safer to state facts as it is at first.The focus here is the health dangers it might cause hence the experts in infectious diseases

  3. God please take control over Nigeria