Thursday, August 25, 2016

Woman Fighting For Life After Father & Brother In-Law Tried To Stone Her To Death In An Attempted Honour Killing

A young Pakistani woman is currently fighting for her life after her own father and brother-in-law allegedly tried to stone her to death in an attempted honour killing.

Her male friend was killed in the shocking incident which happened not far from where campaigning schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai survived being shot by Taliban monsters.

Police believe married Shakila Khan, 22, was followed on Wednesday to a house in Ghari, Swat Valley by her brother-in-law who found her alone with a local man called Bilal, 27.

Knowing his brother, Shakila’s husband, was away on business, it is claimed he locked the pair up in a room and summoned the girl’s father Rahim Bacha to report the pair.

Furious, the two men then allegedly tied the two up with rope and, believing they had committed adultery, tried to stone them both to death in the drawing room of the house.

It is thought they felt justified by Sharia Law. Sadly Bilal died from his injuries and Shakila was taken to a local hospital where she was-last night battling horrific wounds to her body and under armed guard.

It is believed both men handed themselves in to local police who are now investigating the murder and attempted murder.