Friday, September 9, 2016

Adele Quarantines Self From Crew Members In Order Not To Fall Ill Again On Tour

She was absolutely devastated when she had to cancel a US concert last month because of illness.
Now Adele is taking every possible precaution to ensure she is on top form for all of the remaining dates on her mammoth world tour.

The superstar has quarantined her crew members in a bid to prevent illness spreading to her, only speaking to people who have been issued with a badge by the tour’s doctor to prove they are fit and healthy.

Speaking on stage in Michigan last night, she told the crowd: “I had to cancel a show on the last leg of my tour in Phoenix, Arizona and I’ve actually never been so devastated in my life. We have a doctor that comes in once a week that comes in and everyone gets a badge so I know I can go up to them and talk to them.

“So everyone gets a badge and if they’ve got a badge it means I know I can go up to them and be like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ and touch them. If they don’t have a badge, you are quarantined.”

The multi-million selling singer is now two thirds of the way through her huge tour, which has already seen her perform across Europe and much of North America.