Saturday, September 3, 2016

#Savemayowa: Ngos Speak On What To Be Done With Left Over Funds

A public appeal for funds to treat of a victim of ovarian cancer, Mayowa Ahmed, generated more than N80 million a few days after the campaign was launched through the efforts of Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, and Miss Aramide Kasumu, the director of Lifestake Foundation, a Lagos-based non governmental organisation (NGO). The idea was to raise funds for a surgery that would be carried out on Mayowa in a hospital in Atlanta, United States of America.

Nigerians, big and small, rose to the challenge and contributed generously to the #GoFundMe campaign such that about N82 million was raised within a short time But Mayowa’s ugly story would later turn uglier as efforts to save her life was later enmeshed in controversy, following Aimakhu’s alleged declaration in the social media that the fund raiser was a scam.

The police, who intervened in the matter and froze the account where the sum raised was deposited, after investigating the allegations the two parties levelled against each other, described the controversy as a mere misunderstanding.

Another widow of opportunity to save Mayowa, who at the time was a stage IV cancer patient, opened when the police lifted the ban on the account, opening the way for her to be transferred to a hospital in South Africa, whcih had allegedly offered to carry out a surgery to save her life.

However, it turned out an effort too little too late, as Mayowa, who was flown to South Africa for treatment on August 10 died 11 days later. Her death was announced by a family member, Asiwaju Foye, in a series of tweets.

The tweet had stated: “By Allah, in whose hands our lives is, Mayowa Ahmed has left us in this world. We pray that Jannat becomes her home #RipMayowa. She tried, we tried but God’s will prevailed #RipMayowa.”

But for most Nigerians, the mourning days appear to have ended and they are now asking what becomes of the millions raised from the #SaveMayowa campaign.

A representative of the Ahmed family, Tope Adeniran, who spoke with The Nation, said the family was still mourning Mayowa’s loss. Tope, who sounded distraught, said: “I am not ready to talk to any journalist on any story. I just lost someone, can’t you guys sympathise with us?”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ms. Dolapo Badmus, who spoke with one of our correspondents, said that the police would brief the media on the matter at the appropriate time on what would be done with the remaining sum realised from the campaign.

Badmus said: “We are all human beings. When a life is lost, the first thing is to commiserate with the family. Right now, we are condoling with members of Mayowa’s family. I don’t think the issue of money should be the first thing for us to be talking about right now. So, we want to leave the family for some time to go through their private period of mourning. But at the appropriate time, we will feed the members of the press back on the decisions we have made. We will still act at the appropriate time.”

Some leaders of non-governmental organisations involved with women causes and health care also shared their thoughts with The Nation on what can be done with the fund.

The Executive Director, Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE), Mrs. Betty Abah believes that Mayowa’s family, after they must have mourned her sufficiently, should make a public statement on what they intend to do with the fund.

Abah said: “As the saying goes, the deed has been done and we cannot question God. It is time to take the next step and that should be fully characterised by transparency in the light of the recent controversy. My thoughts would be that they can donate to a charity organisation having to do with cancer.

“I really can’t recall hearing much from the family following Mayowa’s death. I think they need to make a statement thanking the supporters, as well as stating the way forward, and that should include the use of the fund.”

Source: The Nation


  1. Most of the people making noise didn't donate a dime.

    The family should do the needful, donate the money or do something to help those that are in need of the money.

    Rest in peace mayowa

  2. They should allow her family mourn first

  3. How come na Toyin name you dey mention, what of Linda? I no say you no want pass through the evil machinery of a rival but the truth is sacred. God will judge all of us. Amen as Mayowa has gone to rest away from this sinful world.

  4. Why are some people so wicked like this. This money has been donated to the !ayowa family and its theirs now. Nobody has the right to tell them what to do with it. Yes it will be noble of them to donate part to other sick people needing financial help, but that is entirely up to them. Lifestake foundation has no claims to that money as that has been the reason for the scam allegations in the first place. Please allow rthe family mourn. I will also advise the family to use part of the money to immortalize mayowa and not donate all to charity.