Friday, September 2, 2016

Again Brazilian Human Ken Doll Ignores Medical Advice, Remove Ribs

A Brazilian surgery-obsessive has ignored doctors advice to have two ribs removed after finding another medic who would perform the controversial operation.

Mauricio Galdi, 29, from Sao Paulo, travelled from his homeland to the US to meet Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif from the TV programme Botched, who told him that the procedure would be too dangerous to perform.

But after finding another doctor to conduct the gruesome surgery instead, he is one step closer to achieving his mission to look like a real-life Ken doll.

The actor told Daily Star Online: 'The doctors tell everyone it's dangerous but I get so many plastic surgeries in my life and I always search the best doctors.

'I'm always sure to find the best and I found a doctor who was an expert.

'He said to me, "I can do this but you can just remove two ribs, not six, not four, not ten".'

Mauricio has already had chest implants, arm implants, four nose jobs and liposuction but despite these surgeries, he says he isn't insecure about his looks.