Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Church Worker ‘Married’ With One Child & Another Baby On The Way Set To Wed As ‘Wife’ Storms Church

Hehehe no time, action woman! Let’s hope she wins this eventually… read…

A 28-year-old pregnant woman disrupted service at Sepaase Grace Baptist Church in Kumasi upon hearing her partner with whom she has one child was getting married to a member of the congregation.

As if possessed, Akua Afriyie stormed the church premises with a bottle of schnapps when the would-be couple was being introduced ahead of Sunday’s ceremony to the surprise of many congregants.

She invoked curses on Kofi Boateng and his bride-to-be, the pastor who is due to bless the planned marriage as well as relatives and church members who would attend the wedding.

Unapologetic Akua told Nhyira FM’s Obra Show she has lived with the partner for over five years and is presently seven months pregnant for him as well.

The man who has jilted her, Kofi Boateng is Youth President of the church with whom she lived under one roof at the mission house until the church suspended him for six months for fornication following his relationship with Akua.

The church sanctions forced the two into separate residences for about two years only for Akua to hear the man is about marrying another woman.

According to her, she went back to Mr. Boateng two months after she had been delivered of her baby, now 2-years old.

She said after they had unprotected sex on the day of the visit, she insisted on spending some days, a proposal Boateng turned down for fear of the church finding out he was still fornicating.

A quarrel ensued between the two lovebirds as they disagreed over every issue. Kofi Boateng speaking on the show admitted he is getting married on Sunday.

According to him, he cannot marry Akua because of her tendency to invoke curses at the least opportunity. Besides, his relatives are against their relationship. Meanwhile, Minister in charge of Sepaase Baptist Church, Reverend Inkoom has refused to comment on the matter.

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  1. So how you come the blame the guy. . Be guided, if you like stay 20yrs with him without him marry you,it's not yours one day the owner will come and take him away.ladies be mama doesn'make you a wife. She don't have right over the man. The man owns her nothings except his children.

  2. if you don't see her or him as a wife/husband don't break his/her heart.

    dangers of not abstaining until marriage