Thursday, September 1, 2016

Eclipse Seen In Port Harcourt This Morning (Photos)

One more photo below...


  1. The eclipse is quite different from what many expected, people in lagos will agree with me that the sun shone only for few minutes around 9a.m today. We were on the assembly with the pupils, the sun appeared like a cresent ( moon-like) which is different from cloud covering it as usual. We were able to look at the sun few seconds because it was less powerful but not for long. The effect was that our vision became blurred with yellow patches. Anywhere we look we were seen two colours, the yellow and real colour of the object/side. We had to discourage the kids from looking at the sun.

  2. Which kind one be this. It's only in Nigeria that everything is different

  3. I have been waiting for it since, and I didnt see it, just rain.