Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ese Walter Confesses She Never Loved Her Husband But Just Had To Marry Him For The Sake Of ‘Mrs’

Wow! Ese Walter has opened up on her marriage once again, but this time she gave a more revealing shocker! Ese who married Benny Ark in a talk of town wedding in 2014 has confessed she never loved him when they tied the knot and has a matter of fact, living together was hell until recently. Ese who got pregnant almost instantly said, even though she was pregnant, she still thought of opting out of the marriage. But now from her words, we guess things are getting better between them.

To think their wedding photos, honeymoon, and photos of them that were splashed on the internet back then radiating love was ‘fake’ is heartbreaking. Personally, we think Ese spoke too much. Gosh there was no love? Wow, it all looked to lovely and we thought they were the best couple ever. We pray for more strength for them. What she wrote on instagram after the cut.

"When I agreed to marry him two and a half years ago, I didn't love him. Heck I didn't love my own self. I just needed a change of story. I needed to stop being the girl everyone called an evil mistress and "graduate" to somebody's Mrs. I thought the Mrs title was going to save my ass and bring me some sort of redemption. I was wrong.

Calling what happened next a disaster is putting it mildly. Weeks into living together brought out the worse in both of us. I thought I made a mistake. I didn't trust him so why was I married to him. We would argue over everything and I convinced myself I wanted out despite the baby on the way. In therapy I was able to face my own demons for the first time. I realised it was never about him or the other guys I dated. I was always looking for a fix outside of myself. I was always needing someone to take away the pain and save my lonely self. I was looking for what I wasn't because I thought that could heal me.

Months of living outside my comfort zone and going where the pain was brought me face to face with my demons that saved me. I didn't trust him because I didn't trust me. I couldn't love him because I had no love to give. I was always blaming him because it was easier to project than take responsibility. As I started to evolve and see my own self, I was able to see him for the first time. As I started loving myself, I was able to love him and now as I learn to trust myself, I am trusting him, one day at a time. As I lay beside him last night I remembered a quote I read sometime ago. I don't remember who said it but it read, "when you love the one you got, the one you got becomes the one you love." When I stopped trying to change him and let him be, I was able to give room for his own evolving. He ain't perfect. Who wants perfect anyways? I am learning that all is as it should be in the Universe, there are no mistakes only feedback. The Universe brought the one I needed for my evolving and I am thankful. GRATITUDE is my dominant feeling this morning. If you are struggling with the one you love, know that the world's standard of love is fucked up. Vibrate higher and love because of love.


  1. May Almighty God help you. You are wonderful

  2. Why is she making it public? She will regret it in the future

  3. This girl fucked another woman's husband and informed the whole world about it.

  4. The Universe? This girl needs gentle guidance definite re-0rganization. The universe brought ypur husband? As if i hear??