Friday, September 16, 2016

Horrifically Burned Drunk Driver Turns Himself In 4 Months After Killing Passengers In Crash

A drunk driver who suffered terrible burns in a fiery crash which killed his three passengers, has turned himself.

Terrell 'Russ' Barclay's shocking mugshot shows the 28-year-old wearing bandages and a neck brace, with horrific burn scars covering his face.

Burns were also visible on his arms and neck as he shuffled into court, with the help of a walker, to appear before District Judge Patricia Broscius on Wednesday on charges of causing death while driving under the influence.

Barclay had taken more than double the legal alcohol limit when he lost control of his car which smashed into a row of parked vehicles before bursting into flames, in the early hours of May 6 in Lehigh Valley, New York.

His passengers Ashlee Mosher, 29, Amanda Martin, 26, and 28-year-old Joshua Edwards were all killed in the crash while Barclay was seriously injured after he caught on fire in the blaze, The Morning Call reports.

A police officer estimated the car was going 100 mph moments before the wreck.

The suspect was able to run from the car and when emergency services arrived at the scene.

Barclay was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital where he spent the next two months in a medically induced coma before being transferred to an Easton rehabilitation center. But he left the center before police had the chance to charge him earlier this month.

After turning himself in, he has been charged with homicide by vehicle while under the influence, accidents involving death with a suspended license, drunken driving, illegal possession of a firearm by a felon and other offenses.

Police found a bag of marijuana on Barclay and a stolen gun was recovered from near the car.