Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I’m A Sweet Tooth Addicted To Sweets, Chocolates Jibrin Counters Drug Accusation

Oh dear! Donald Trump has gotten nothing on our Nigerian politicians. Okay, a man accused the speaker of padding a budget, and the next thing some of them will say is that he is under the influence of drugs and alcohol… What? What?? Just what??? Lol, too funny. Well, you all know Mr Jibrin Abdulmumin will also do all in his power to clear his name. Well he has now undergone a test suggesting he never took drugs and alcohol and he has made the test public. He has also written to the CMD of the National Hospital to give him a date and time so that the same test can be carried out and the result made public as well.

Below are what he tweeted on the matter and ofcourse many more came up. Please start reading from below upwards. Attached are also other documents showing he is not under any influence of what he was accused off.