Friday, September 2, 2016

Incredible Story Of A Chinese Boy Who Lost His Legs & Now Back To School

For most children, their first day back to school is an exciting time, but for this boy in China, he is ecstatic to finally get back to school.

According to Daily Mail, Gao Zhiyu has been out of school for four years after being hit by a car during the summer break.

His father made Gao 'new legs' from wood allowing him to rejoin his class today in Jimo City, eastern China.

The 11-year-old student began a new year at Chengnan Elementary School in Jimo City, China's Shandong province today.

Gao lost his legs in a car accident during the summer break in 2012. During his long stay in hospital, he kept up with work, using his spare time to study.

His father also created new legs for him out of wood.

According to the school, Gao's hard work means he now ranks in the top 5 percent of his class.


  1. I love his spirit... Kudos to his father

  2. This is touching but i had seen a similar case here in Nigeria but the difference is in her case she had legs but crawls on her belly to school in a remote village, while someone holds her bag , the day i saw her, i had gone to work in a neighbouring village and saw her ,God i cried my eyes out could not sleep or eat that day, i called my elder brother abroad to send me a wheelchair which came some months later and I delivered it anonymously to the family because i could not stomach seeing her again