Thursday, September 15, 2016


Potatoes are a favourite in Mzansi – popular as chips or mash as a side for meat, or even simply baked or boiled. And when they’re free it’s even better, lol.

So when a big truck carrying tons of potatoes overturned on the N12, south of Joburg, motorists, pedestrians and even truck drivers all stopped to score.

Many were on their way to work, but risked running late rather than to miss such an opportunity.

The truck from Grain Carriers overturned right after taking the off-ramp from the N12 going to Potchefstroom.

Motorists stopped to fill their trunks and those who didn’t have cars came up with innovative ideas, some taking their jackets off and fashioning them into bags, while others searched the nearby fields for plastic bags.

The scene looked like hyenas eating a buffalo as people bent their heads down to pick up the potatoes.

And in less than two hours, the road was clean!