Friday, September 2, 2016

Lady Who Stabbed Boyfriend 22 Times & Won Miss Lang’ata Prison 2016 Beauty Contest Faces Criticism Online

An inmate at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison has been making headlines after she won a beauty contest organized by the correction and rehabilitation centre.

Ruth Kamande stunned everyone with her elegance and beauty when she was crowned the Miss Lang’ata Prison 2016.

Despite the win and the internet fame, Ruto is still serving a jail term after stabbing her boyfriend 22 times. The boyfriend died instantly following the injuries inflicted on him after Ruth discovered he was cheating on her with another secret lover.

Ruth has been in prison for one year now and the latest developments have seen many express mixed reactions towards her situation.

While a few have been demanding that she be pardoned, many are insisting that she serves the jail term for apparently committing a big crime.

“I know people can reform and indeed the prisons are meant to reform criminals to become better citizens, but for someone who killed another person so brutally a year ago, by stabbing them 22 times with a knife, I think there is absolutely nothing beautiful about them. Not so soon,” Mutua said.

Mutua added that ‘the dead was a human being, someone’s son’.

He blasted the organisers of the beauty contest saying they are celebrating ‘criminals’.

“A year down the line the killer is being celebrated under the banner “Beauty behind bars.” I find this a bit disturbing,” Mutua said.

Other Kenyans also expressed the same sentiments:

Josephine Waithiru It’s really sad nothing to celebrate there a family out there is still mourning. Am not judging by let’s not call sin another name.

Benard Ramoka nothing to celebrate. the girl committed a crime and justice has to be done..however i dont refute her beauty

Daniel Masinjira Yes indeed. She’s still a criminal worse for her so called beauty.

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