Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Man Throws Kids Out Of The Window Because His Wife Demanded To Be Treated Like Other European Woman

A Syrian migrant has thrown his three children out of a window in a rage after his wife insisted on being treated like other European women, a trial has heard.

The children survived the shocking incident which happened at a refugee accommodation in a converted Chinese restaurant in Lohmar, a town close to Colognea, Germany.

The court in Bonn heard how his wife had made it clear that she was not prepared to accept the traditional Arab gender roles anymore and this had infuriated her husband.

Prosecutors said the 36-year-old father, identified only as Hassan Z, threw his three kids out of the first-floor window of the house after being frustrated at his wife’s behaviour.

His daughter, seven, and five-year-old son have suffered multiple skull fractures and other bone fractures from the fall. His one-year-old daughter suffered minor injuries from the fall and has some bruises.

The man has been charged with the attempted murder of his three children.

According to local media, the couple clashed frequently because of the woman’s insistence on being treated equally.

In February this year, the man allegedly beat her with a cooking pot – hitting her repeatedly in the face. He has also been charged with grievous bodily harm.

A month previously he is also said to have attacked his wife, resulting in him being banned from contacting her for 10 days, although she later gave him permission to re-join the family again.

The accused left Syria in 2014, while his family travelled later to join him in Germany.

He first travelled to France via the Balkan route and later went to Germany.

The district court in Bonn has scheduled six days of trials until October 12 for hearings.


  1. Both of them are wrong, why copy other people's culture or behavior into your marriage?

  2. That's why you should never let animals like these into your country. They will never assimilate. Make America Great Again.

    1. Yes, great like when blacks were enslaved, Jim Crow was the Law, and Segregation enforced😉

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