Monday, September 26, 2016

Meet The Fine Art Student, Who Moulds P3nis Sculptures Of Men Who She Had Slept With (Photos)

I know most of you will run here lol, them no dey hear anything around the P, na to run come read, smh, lol. This young woman flexes her creative muscles by making p3nis sculptures modelled on her s3xual conquests.

Fine art student Lily Heaume, has designed ten ceramic willies from memory based on each of men she has shared a bed with.

The 18-year-old decided to create the first of the manhood replicas after receiving an angry text from a previous partner. She was working in the studio at the time so just started modelling away using clay, lol. Continue...

She then carved “liar” into the sculpture. She then decided she would continue to design a clay clone for each of the notches on her bedpost.

But this wasn’t just Lily’s post-breakup therapy, she used the artwork for a project called “10 Portraits”.

She exhibited her art at the Hampstead School of Art end of year show where impressed buyers snapped up the sculptures.

Lily has not made public the owner of each of the willies.

She is still friends with two of the men who helped her afterwards although she says that one became “sour and awkward” about it afterwards.


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  3., how many body count @ 18?