Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Meet Uganda’s Chess Queen Who Is Now The Subject Of A Disney Movie

Phiona Mutesi, who grew up at in Katwe slum in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, has become the subject of a Disney movie.The Queen of Katwe tells how she dropped out of school early, but started playing chess aged nine, becoming a grandmaster. It stars Oscar winner Lupita Ny’ongo and British-born Nigerian actor David Oyelowo.She tells BBC Africa she hopes her life story will inspire others.


  1. We have a chess champion in Benue state. She won bronze in the adult category at NUGA at the age of 7. I did a piece on her for NTA. she started playing at 3 Years Old. Have played with Russian grandmasters. Became a grandmaster by the age of 9. She lives in makurdi the Benue state capital