Monday, September 5, 2016

Woman Claims Wearing Her Wedding Dress On Each Year Of Her Anniversary Keeps The Spark Alive In Her Marriage

A woman who puts her wedding dress back on every year on her anniversary claims the tradition keeps the spark alive in her marriage.

Samantha Burns, a relationship coach who lives in Boston, US, says wearing the white strapless gown brings back memories of her special day and reminds her of the vows she exchanged.

So far she’s worn it while playing golf, on a sunset cruise with her husband and eating pancakes.

Samantha explained: “When I pull out my wedding dress and put it on, it brings back the magic of that special day. It reminds me of the vows we exchanged, and the start of our married life together.”

She told how she has a “travel bucket list” of destinations where she’d like to wear the dress she first donned on her wedding day in August 2014.

Samantha said: “Top of the list are Africa, Thailand and Australia.

“So maybe on a safari, riding an elephant or surfing would be good.”

She admitted she does often get the odd weird look when she’s wearing the bridal gown in public at an occasion that is very much not a wedding.

But in her mind, the yearly event is an important one.

She explained: “Though it may seem like a silly tradition, there’s actually science to support why creating fun customs like this help you to keep a spark burning bright in your relationship.