Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Men & Women On Twitter React To Relationship Breakups

Aswear Nigerians are nuts! So after a lady told us this morning about how her man of three years went to marry another lady, Nigerians took to twitter in their numbers to speak about relationships and I tell you the tweets are so hilarious. Most of them are university students tho. If only they concentrate on their studies like this we will have so many first class students, lol. Please continue…


  1. Never make the mistake of sponsoring a man or a lady because you love her or him and want to marry him or her.When it comes to True Love,people lie to get whatever they want from you at the end they will dump and go for the person they must have been using your money to take care of.

  2. Such is happens almost everyday

  3. Such is life

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  4. Funny but some deep truth tho. Only God can direct our path and guide our heart