Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Muslim Journalist Poses For PLAYBOY

A muslim journalist has posed for Playboy magazine wearing a hijab - a first for the publication that until a year ago favored nude models.

Noor Tagouri, 22, appears in the October issue as part of the 2016 Renegades series, which celebrates creators who bend the rules of their respective trades.

Tagouri, a first-generation Libyan American from West Virginia, says she dreams of being the first hijabi anchor on US commercial television.

She gathered attention online in 2012, when she posted a photo of herself at an ABC 7 News desk, with the caption: 'The first hijab wearing news anchor on American television.'

In her Playboy photos, Tagouri wears black pants and white Converse sneakers, as well as a white t-shirt paired with a black leather jackets.