Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nse Ikpe Etim Shares Shirtless Photo Of Hubby

Lol, we all know Nse is in love with him. They dated years back (their teen days), went their separate ways and dude got hooked up with a lady who bore him a son who is now 16. Nse had another relationship, but he was always in her heart! Fast forward time, she became a Nollywood actress, bobo reached her back and the rest they say is history. She posted this photo of him showing the world what she privately enjoys, lol. She captioned the photo;

"Falling in love is the easiest part but keeping it is truly the task... #mancrusheveryday #keepthemclose #loveyou #thursdate #pilates #missingyou meanwhile if he ever knows I put this out he will kill me! Hahaha


  1. Must she post his shirtless picture? Hopefully he gets taken by another woman

  2. If they snatch him now don't complain o

  3. Ha! Nse you put such out? You know what Peter of psquear dey see???