Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Photos: Man Allegedly Brutalized By Soldiers Because Of President Buhari's Convoy

According to the social media user who shared this on Twitter, the man was allegedly beaten by soldiers because he didn't move his vehicle fast enough from the road President Muhammadu Buhari's convoy was to pass through in Benin today. Recall the President attended the APC governorship campaign in the State today. Continue...


  1. Them no flog am well, if they did im no for fit stand they show im back like that. Next time when you see who pass you you go commot for road. Rubbish.

    1. Your mentality is low. You have a poor sense of reasoning.

    2. You need more flogging. The soldiers are even very democratic about your case...that your case no be shoot at sight. The federal republic president came to your volatile..lawless no comot for road..he mean don die...agbero dey smell.

  2. This cannot be true.

    If indeed, this nigga blocked the way and prevented president Buhari to pass, he surely would have been arrested on the spot and detained for interrogation.

    This nothing but another attempt by them sour losers to further tarnish the name of our dear president. They already named their dogs after our president, and now this.

    What are these sour losers gonna do next?


  3. Since your father is a cow that recieves flogging regularly , Anonymous06 Sept.,2016 23:02 , it is al right to justify flogging bcos another human being equal before the law is passing .
    As I said , since your own family are all cows , a human being President is superior to ur cow family........

  4. Nigeria have always been a zoo republic where useless animals resides, and Buhari is the President of zoo republic. Nigerian soldiers are zombies according to Fela Kuti.