Sunday, September 25, 2016

Photos Of Syrian Boy Injured In Aleppo Airstrikes Which Killed His Brother & 31 Others

These are the heartbreaking scenes in Syria's battleground city of Aleppo, where fresh airstrikes have toppled buildings and killed at least 25 people after efforts to revive a ceasefire collapsed.

Rebel-held districts in the east of the city came under intense air and artillery fire for a fifth night on Saturday.

The United Nations warned today that more than two million civilians have been left without water after heavy Syrian and Russian bombardment damaged a pumping station, and rebels shut another.

The wounded small boy on the hospital bed lost a baby brother when an air strike devastated their family's apartment in the al-Nayrab district.

'We were home when a missile crashed into our road,' said their father, Nizar, standing red-eyed and holding back tears outside what remained of their house.

'Half of the building just caved in and our baby was hit on the head. He died on the spot,' said the father, his youngest child lying on the ground wrapped in a blanket to conceal the head injury from his mother.

'I'm waiting for relatives to finish digging his grave so I can bury him,' he said.