Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Doctors Deliver Premature Baby Alive After Mum Was Killed In Drive-By Shooting

Doctors have delivered a premature baby after a mum was killed in a drive-by shooting while six months pregnant.

Parashay Beard, 19, was sat in a car with her boyfriend when it was sprayed with bullets on Sunday night. The teenager was rushed to hospital but tragically died as a result of a gunshot wound to her neck.

Medics were able to deliver her baby daughter who remains in a critical condition. Miss Beard's 26-year-old boyfriend was shot in the neck and chest and he is also critically ill.

Police have said they believe the shooting in Chicago, Illinois, was gang-related.

Miss Beard's family have named her daughter, who was due in December, 'Miracle'. Her mother Crystal Jones described Parashay as "a good outgoing person."

She added: "She always got her goals set for herself. She was a beautiful girl, just like everybody else's kids."


  1. RIP. Welcome to the world new born

  2. Without reading I knew it was gonna be Chicago. I guess these Black Lives Don't Matter.