Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Photos: Saraki, Ekweremadu Back In Court

The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, are back in court over alleged forgery case. They are accused of illegally altering the Senate’s Standing Rule used in electing leaders and inaugurating the upper legislative chamber. Their trial resumed today after Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Abuja High Court at Apo, on July 11 adjourned it due to the Judiciary's annual vacation. Another photo below...


  1. Shameless people.

    I can't understand how these two guys could even be senators not to talk of being leaders in the senate.
    With the types of these two individuals in the senate, there can never be hope for Nigeria. Never.

    When Baba Iyabo said that the senate is full of thieves, we thought he was just blabbing.
    If these people are not stealing and milking Nigeria dry, they are into forgeries to sustain their grip on our collective wellbeing.

    I am even surprised that Ike Ekweremadu is not wearing his traditional regalia here as he has always been doing as if it is his tribe that is on trial. No shame.

    With the situations of things in the country, Nigeria can no longer afford senators and the federal house of assembly members and so, the two arms of government should be scrapped.
    This will definitely save us a lot of money. These guys are of no use to Nigeria.

    Even, Sanusi as the CBN governor said Nigeria can not sustain paying these guys' salaries and entitlements. If this is so, why are we keeping them?

    Nigeria can use the salaries and entitlements we are paying these guys to pay the salaries of civil servants in all our states.

    Each state in the federation can sponsor only one person (to work on part time basis) to Abuja to do the work of what these useless two arms of government ought to be doing. Yes, they should work on part time basis. Their salaries and benefits should be decided on the ballot box by Nigerians.

    Keeping these individuals as senators and members of the National house of assembly serves no useful purpose, is very expensive for a poorly managed country such as ours, breeds corruption and forgeries, and hence we need to do the right thing by eliminating these two arms of government.


  2. Why were the FG lawyers not ready