Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prominent Activist Who Protested Michael Brown's Death Is Found Dead

A prominent activist who protested Michael Brown Jr's death was found shot dead in a burned out car early Tuesday. Darren Seals, 29, suffered a gunshot wound before the car he was in was set on fire, the St Louis County Police Department said.

Police said they responded to a request for assistance around 1.50am regarding a vehicle fire when they discovered Seals' body.

Aralyn Jones, a neighbor who said she heard a loud noise around 2am told KMOV TV that she and her husband looked out their window after hearing a 'big, big boom' and saw the car on fire.

Remnants of the burned out vehicle, including a tire, were scattered across a parking space.

Seals, who was a well known activist in Ferguson, was mourned by fellow activists and friends who gathered at a candlelight vigil in St Louis late Tuesday.