Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reno Omokiri Shares Quote From GEJ's 2015 Campaign Speech, Says It's Prophetic

Former Special Adviser on New Media to the immediate past President shared the quote via his twitter handle. Well...


  1. In light of the huge financial mess that Jonathan and his cronies like you left behind. we never see you make any comment whenever one of your cronies are caught or mentioned s regards to the loot they stole, where were you when Dasuki was singing like a parrot. Please shut up and hide yourself in shame, you should all be in prison. to every problem there is a foundation. Maybe you should contact Deziani and ask her to come he if she is sure she is not guilty of the allegations levelled against her. need I say more, bunch of rogues, wicked people.

    1. And again another one. Name one conviction. They tell you total bugeted sum was stolen and you all believe it. Fools. And at the same time they say 70% of the budget was overheads and recurrent expenditure?
      Bloody media trials

  2. Loooooonnnngggg hiiiissssssss... mtchew